Tension Project

Prestress Tension

With intelligence system, now has a large number of tensioning equipment, such as: 500 tons jack, 400 tons jack, the company is equipped with advanced tensile equipment, 350 tons jack, 300 tons jack, 250 tons jack, 150 tons jack, 25 tons jack, could make a variety of prestressed engineering professional construction, and has a number of tension high pressure pump, one grouting machine, and can independently produce prestressed engineering. The need for metal bellows, in decade’s years in China to participate in the construction of various large-scale projects, and the quality and quantity of the completion.


Main Achievements

Main achievement: Qing long high-speed engineering, Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shandong National Games Stadium, Zhengzhou Outer Ring Expressway, Jinan North Park viaduct Expressway, Qingdao Wanda Plaza, and some other key projects.


  • In order to transmit the power,the belt must be provided with the sufficient initial tension.
  • In addition to the other parameters, the power transmitting capacity of the belt drive also depends upon the initial tension.
  • When a new belt is mounted on pulleys under tension it loses its initial tension due to elongation during its service.
  • Hence,it is necessary to make a provision to adjust the belt tension from time to time.
  • When the belts are hinged , as in case of flat belts, a small length of belt can be cut to remove the slack.
  • However this is not possible with endless belts

Manual adjustment

  • In this method , as shown in the fig. the motor can slide in the guidways provided in the base plate.
  • The position of motor , and hence the initial tensing can be adjusted manually with the help of the screw nut arrangement.
  • Once the desired tension is achieved, then the bolts are tightened to fix the motor to the base plate.

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