Water Reduction

A water reducer used as an admixture in concrete functions as a surface active agent, making it more difficult for the cement particles in the concrete mix to stick together. Water reducers are usually divided into three groups. Low-range or normal water reducers can reduce the amount of water needed for a certain concrete mix by 5%. Mid-range water reducers can decrease the amount of water used by 15%, and can also help keep the setting time for the concrete more stable, giving more control over how quickly or slowly the concrete dries. A high-range water reducer, also called a superplasticizer, can make it possible to use 40% less water, while still allowing for a workable mix of concrete.

用作混凝土的混合物的减水剂起表面活性剂的作用,使得混凝土混合物中的水泥颗粒更难粘在一起。 减水剂通常分为三组。 低范围或正常的减水剂可以将混凝土混合物所需的水量减少5%。 中档减水机可以减少15%的用水量,还有助于保持混凝土的凝固时间更稳定,更好地控制混凝土干燥速度或缓慢。 一种高效减水剂,也称为超增塑剂,可以减少40%的水,同时还可以混合混凝土。

List of chemical admixtures for concrete


  • Type A – water – reducing admixtures
  • Type B – retarding admixtures
  • Type C – accelerating admixtures
  • Type D – water-reducing and accelerating admixtures
  • Type E – water reducing and accelerating admixtures
  • Type F – water-reducing ,high range admixtures ,and
  • Type G – water-reducing ,high range ,and retarding admixtures

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